Daniel Van Cuylenburg

Front-end Web Developer. Love all things CSS, ReactJS, GatsbyJS, NodeJS and U.I design. Find me @danielvanc mostly everywhere.

My Projects

Some of my active GitHub repositories.

[In dev] Just a plain and simple address book app.
JavaScript 0 0
My personal site repo
JavaScript 1 0
Just a short and sweet demo of showing Traffic Lights in ReactJS
JavaScript 0 0
'Sick Fits' shopping cart app I built in ReactJS, GraphQL, Figma, Apollo and GraphQL Yoga
JavaScript 1 0
Short and sweet demo of a fully functioning Toaster built in ReactJS
JavaScript 0 0
URL Shortner using Netlify
This is a list of all the extensions i'm currently using in VS Code
This is a repo for all the settings I use in my vs code editor.
'Catch of the Day' Inventory app built in ReactJS

My Interests

Topics that I'm most hyped about.